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The purpose of this website is to provide quality information and resources to assist school music teachers in teaching all aspects of music to their students.

Musical performance will always be a major focus within the music industry, so a directory of music publishers provides information about how to locate good solo and band music and helpful-hints instruments provides information about musical instruments and their suitability for various student age ranges.

Technology is making a significant impact on many industries today, but none more so than the music industry. Music Software has an important role to play in broadening students' musical knowledge and engaging the students in a fun, interactive manner. As we move more into the digital age Music Hardware such as computers, multi-media and other devices will play an increasing role.

Teaching Resources such as lessons, interactive games, articles, magazines and links to useful websites are included here so that teachers can draw on the variety of useful tools that will assist them in designing musical programs that will teach the music curriculum to their students in an interesting and engaging manner.

Music Associations play an important role in professional development for teachers, so a list of these with upcoming conferences and events have been included for teachers to schedule into their busy timetables.

If you need to contact us regarding any of the information contained in this website or if you have other information that you wish to share with the community of music teachers, please use the Contact Us tab to convey or send this information.

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